Safety Tips

Safety Tips

These are simple precautionary measures if you found yourself in a roadside emergency situation. List may not include other possible circumstances and this is only intended as a guide for your safety.

*Vehicle fails down during a traffic situation

  • Search for spots such as emergency lane to avoid being stuck in the middle of traffic. This lane is reserved for breakdowns and emergency vehicles.
  • Pushing your vehicle alone will make it uncontrollable, so avoid doing this.
  • Have your hazard signs and parking lights on to make your vehicle visible to other motorists. This will let them know your situation.
  • Be careful in getting out of your vehicle during a heavy traffic. Take some time and relax yourself so you can think clearly.
  • Call for assistance to help you fix the problem.

*Vehicle breaks down on a remote and inaccessible area during the night

  • Put your hazard and warning signs on to increase visibility and always lock your doors so no one can slip inside your vehicle.
  • Make sure you always have your phone with you so you can call for assistance or to a police station.
  • Lock yourself inside your vehicle and if some stranger approached you, just slightly open your window and be far enough to be reached in.
  • If by chance, that you are threatened by someone, push your horns while switching on and off your headlights to draw attention to your surroundings.

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